CMA Report

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CMA Report

CMA Report

CMA data is Credit Monitoring Arrangement data. It is the report to be presented to bank to show your past financial history, current financial position and future financial planning. It covers 7 statements related to finance.


It covers following statements:

  1. Details of existing and proposed fund limit
  2. Operating statement
  3. Analysis of balance sheet
  4. Comparative statements of current assets and liabilities
  5. Calculation of MPBF
  6. Fund flow statements
  7. Ratio analysis

There are different business types and according to their business nature and size, CMA report is prepared. It is not similar for all businesses. Similarly, CMA report is prepared as per nature of the borrowed funds. The data is different for the working capital loan or for CC or for CMA data for the bank guarantee


By submitting CMA data report with right ratios and proper presentation of usage of funds, your chances of getting the loan has been increased. Provided you follow other procedures and requirements of banks.

CMA  data preparation does not mean only filling data but it requires deep knowledge of finance. You get prepared CMA data report by CA by using our online services. It is easy and fast.


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