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ISO Certification – An Overview International Standards Organization (ISO) is an independent organization that sets the standards for businesses in terms of quality, safety, and efficiency of products. An ISO registration enhances the reputation of your service or productThere are different types of ISO certification like ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 5001, etc. India Tax…
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Nidhi Company

Nidhi Company Registration

Producer Company

Producer Company Registration Producer company is a company having objective of production, harvesting, procurement, grading, pooling, handling, marketing, selling, export of primary produce of the Members or import of goods or services for their benefit. Produce means things that have been naturally produced or grown up, particularly by farming and agriculture activities. Therefore, a producer…
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Income Tax Filings

Income Tax Filings   Income tax return is mandatory for all persons, i.e, Individuals, HUF, Partnership Firm, LLPs, Private Limited or Public Limited, any entity or associations. Its mandatory to file by all person every year.  For business and entities, even having nil income or having losses still they are required to furnish income tax…
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Project Accounting

PROJECT ACCOUNTING Project accounting is accounting on a project-by-project basis. Project accounting tracks all of the financial components of a project such as budgets, estimates, costs, bookings, billing and everything in between. One of the most touted benefits of project accounting is its ability to track the budgets and revenues across every stage of an…
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CMA Report

CMA Report CMA data is Credit Monitoring Arrangement data. It is the report to be presented to bank to show your past financial history, current financial position and future financial planning. It covers 7 statements related to finance. WHAT REPORTS ARE COVERED ? It covers following statements: Details of existing and proposed fund limit Operating…
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Project Report

Project Report A Project Report is a document which provides details on the overall picture of the proposed business. The project report gives an account of the project proposal to ascertain the prospects of the proposed plan/activity. It contains data on the basis of which the project has been appraised and found feasible. It consists…
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Financial Modeling

Financial Modeling A financial model is a tool that’s built to forecast a business’ financial performance into the future.  The forecast is based on the company’s historical performance and requires preparing an income statement, balance sheet, cash flow statement and supporting schedules (known as a 3 statement model). From there, more advanced types of models…
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